The Classic Layette Collection

2 Piece Christening Gown -- White Batiste
Smocked Christening Gown -- White Batiste
Ande Embroidered Pocket Bubble -- White with Pink
Rose Embroidered Dress
Bliss Pima Onesie -- White w/ Blue
Bliss Pima Onesie -- White w/ Pink
Bliss Pima Onesie -- White w/ White
Pima Baby Sac -- White
Collared Pima Footie -- White
Pima Baby Hat -- White
Pima Blanket -- White
Pima Baby Hat -- Pink
Pima Blanket -- Pink
Collared Pima Footie -- Pink
Pima Baby Sac -- Pink
Pima Baby Hat -- Blue
Pima Blanket -- Blue
Pima Baby Sac -- Blue
Collared Pima Footie -- Blue
Bliss Pullover Bib -- Pink