Special Occasion Outfits for Children

Tatiana Jacket -- Pink Jackie Dot
Tatiana Jacket


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Scalloped Courtney Romper -- Pink Jackie Dot
Scalloped Courtney Romper



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Stretch Twill Blazer -- Navy
Victor Pullover -- Ivory w/ Blue & Yellow
Stretch Twill Suiting Pant -- Navy
Cashmere Blend Ruffle Cardigan -- Blush
Hazel Dress -- White
Celina Flats -- Gold
Celina Flats



Cashmere Blend Ruffle Cardigan -- Ivory
Taffeta Ruby Dress -- White
Anne Ruffle Shoulder Dress -- Pink Cheshire
Anne Ruffle Shoulder Dress


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Sold Out
Bow Front Charlie Dress -- Pink Cheshire
Bow Front Charlie Dress


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Scalloped Barrette -- Pink Cheshire
Scalloped Barrette


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Wembley Short -- Pink Cheshire
Wembley Short


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Smocked Christening Gown -- White Batiste
Worthington Dress -- White w/ White Sash
Bradford Button-In -- White w/ Blue Chambray
Bradford Button-In -- White w/ Blue Seersucker Stripe
Bradford Button-In -- White w/ Blue Taffeta
Bradford Button-In -- White w/ White Taffeta
Jackson Bubble -- Sand Oxford
Finnoula Dress -- Sand Oxford
Taffeta Mitzi Dress -- White
Mitzi Bow -- Pink
Mitzi Bow


Sold Out
Mitzi Bow -- Blue
Mitzi Bow -- Mint
Mitzi Bow -- Navy
Bow Front Party Dress -- Sand Oxford
Celia Knotted Bow Flat -- Rose Gold
Back Bow Blouse -- White
Braxton Blouse -- White
Party Skirt -- Ivory Taffeta
Sonja Blouse -- White Poplin

Dressing up for special occasions is a cherished part of childhood, creating memories that last a lifetime. At bella bliss®, we understand the significance of these moments and offer a collection of special occasion clothing that combines timeless elegance with superior comfort. Our vintage-inspired, classic designs ensure your child looks their best for every important special event.

Timeless Elegance for Every Celebration

Our special occasion outfits are designed to capture the essence of enduring grace — perfect for weddings, parties, christenings, religious ceremonies, and more. Each piece is handcrafted with a nod to classic, preppy styles, ensuring your child stands out with a sophisticated look that never goes out of fashion. The versatility of our upscale outfits means they can be cherished and worn time and again for different celebrations.

Premium Quality for Lasting Memories

We believe that special moments deserve special outfits. That's why our special occasion dresses and children formal wear are made from high-quality materials, like Pima cotton, ensuring durability and unparalleled comfort. Our garments are designed to withstand the test of time, so the memories they help create can be treasured forever.

A Wide Selection of Styles and Sizes

We offer a diverse range of timeless styles to suit any special occasion or event. From elegant dresses and bubbles for girls to dapper blazers and baptism outfits for boys, our collection has something for every child. We also offer a variety of sizes, ensuring that children of all ages can find the perfect fit for a special day.

Make Every Moment Special

Every special occasion is an opportunity to showcase their beautiful smile while creating lasting memories. Choose the perfect outfit from our high-quality clothing collection to ensure your child looks and feels their best on their special day. Explore our selection of cute baby boy and baby girl outfits, boys' clothing, girls' attire to let their style truly standout. Don't forget to complement their adorable attire with the appropriate clothing accessories like belts and ties or a beautiful hair clip and barrette to put the perfect ensemble together for your child's next big event.

Special Occasion Outfits FAQ:

  • What kind of clothes do children wear on special occasions?

    For special occasions, children can wear formal or semi-formal attire such as dresses, suits, or upscale separates.

  • How do I dress for special occasions?

    Choose appropriate outfits for the event's setting and dress code, ensuring they are comfortable and fit well.

  • What is considered a special occasion?

    Special occasions include weddings, religious ceremonies, parties, family gatherings, and other significant events.

  • Best fashion accessories for special occasions?

    Complete the look with chic accessories like belts, ties, hair bows, and jewelry that complement the outfit and add a touch of elegance.