How to Transition Your Child's Wardrobe from Winter to Spring

Spring is here, which means cooler mornings, and warmer afternoons. For me, when it comes to dressing my kids it's all about layers. Luckily, bella bliss has some of the cutest staple pieces for layering your little ones this season. Big or small, boy or girl, they have you covered.

When it comes to Sutton, I think leggings, onesies & cardigans work the best. These are all things that can be mixed and matched together. Leggings are lightweight, and the cardigan can easily come off as the day gets warmer. I love this little cardigan. It also worked well with these blue leggings and another onesie. All are pretty basic and closet staples.

Again, these are all pieces that you can easily mix and match together. Creating more outfits, and bang for your buck.  half-zips  are just so nice, and look so sweet on a little boy. This orange & red can easily be worn again in the Fall, as temps drop again in the mornings.

Cardigans are also perfect to just have when your little girls have on a dress or bubble. Same with a half-zips, we often pair with shorts too! I hope this helps with prioritizing spring shopping for your littles.


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March 28, 2022 — Web Master