Mix-and-Match Layers for a Transitional Wardrobe

What's a transitional wardrobe, you may ask? It's a styling method designed to bridge the gap between seasons. Depending on where you live, the early days of fall and winter bring a chill that warrants an ample selection of layers. And where there are layers, there are endless options for mixing and matching pieces. Knowing when and how to style your child's transitional wardrobe is sure to enhance the life of their clothing, as well as add texture and visual interest to whatever they're wearing. So don't put that short-sleeve top away just yet – let's dive in and learn how to style those layers!


Repurpose that bloomer set top as a layer beneath dresses and rompers.

That bloomer set from last year may be getting a little snug, but it's still got lots of life left in it. Reimagine the top as a layering piece this year and enjoy it for even longer! This year's Birdie Bloomer Set adds the perfect amount of ruffle detailing to our Corduroy Berkley Overall.

Double down on dresses for added visual interest and texture.

For this look, we layered our Velvet Gabby Dress over our Scarlett Dress. The Scarlett Dress's ruffled collar peeks out and its sweet bow matches back to the French bleu of the Gabby Dress.


Warm up a sleeveless dress with a long-sleeve blouse.

This year's Mayberry pattern carries through from the underside of this Iris Blouse's collar to the piping on this Corduroy Side Tab Dress.


Short sleeves get a new face when layered over and under choice pieces.

Our sweet Printed Caroline Blouse in Blue Daisy sets off the blueberry corduroy of our Schuyler Jumper. Add a Long Sleeve Pima Everyday Tee underneath, and boom! You've got a go-to look for autumn months.


And, of course, there's the tried-and-true sweater over the dress.


Don't let the sweater steal the spotlight from an adorable dress! Our Scarlett Dress's lace collar peeks out from the top of our Mercerized Pima Heirloom Cardigan, drawing the eye up to the perfectly sweet red bow. 

November 03, 2023 — Jess Coleman