UV Protective Swimwear for Kids

Sunscreen has its limitations, especially when it comes to children. Babies of six months and younger cannot wear most sunscreens. Even for children that are old enough to wear sun protection, it can be difficult to convince them to sit still for thorough application, and eventual reapplication. Some children will even strongly rebel against the thick, pasty feeling that sunscreen leaves on their skin. 

A solution to this problem is UV-protective clothes. From sun-protective baby swimwear to girls’ sun-protective bikinis, trunks, and children’s rash guards, bella bliss has safe styles stitched for summer days full of play! 

UV-Protective Clothes for Kids

Some believe that wearing everyday clothing provides protection against UV rays from the sun, but this is only slightly true. The sun protection that normal clothing provides is measured by an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF). UPF measures the blockage of both ultraviolet A and ultraviolet B rays, compared to Sun Protection Factor (SPF) which only measures the blockage of ultraviolet B rays. 

According to Dr. Marnie Nussbaum, an average white cotton t-shirt provides a UPF rating of five. This means one-fifth (20 percent) of the sun’s rays will pass through the garment and potentially harm the sensitive skin underneath.

The higher the UPF value, the more protection the clothing offers. The Skin Cancer Foundation requires a UPF rating of 30 or higher for clothing to be marketed as sun protective. So, most everyday clothing is far from offering the right protection. Most clothing made for sun protection stops at UPF 50, which means only one-50th (or two percent) of UV rays could penetrate the fabric. 

UPF 50+ Swimwear

Beach and pool days require a high need for skin protection, especially for babies and small children who have super sensitive skin. Skin-protective clothing is just as important for skin health as sunscreen, so incorporating it into your regimen is essential to fully protect the children in your life. Using UPF 50+ swimwear can lower the time, hassle, and expense of using sunscreen multiple times throughout the day. 

bella bliss designed swimwear for children so they can enjoy the beach or pool without the risk of sunburn. Our swimwear is rated UPF 50+, offering all-day protection in addition to stylish designs for babies, toddlers, and kids. The comfortable lycra blend swimwear is comfortable to wear in any environment, protecting your children without disturbing their peace with frequent sunscreen application. All our swim styles including preppy baby swimwear are machine washable, making recovery from the day simple and fuss-free.

Swimwear for Girls

Our diverse designs and patterns will fit any child’s style. We offer sun-protective girls’ swimwear perfect for the adorable little mermaid in your life. Our preppy girls’ swimsuits and bikini bottoms pair flawlessly with rash guards for a comfortable outfit with maximum coverage. This season, our girl’s ruffle rash guard is the perfect swim top for boogie boarding. Ruffled swim skirts add a vintage feel to some of our timeless girls’ swimwear. For baby’s first boat day, check out this vintage baby swimsuit!

Swimwear for Boys

For the little sailor in your life, find handsome swim trunks ideal for their rambunctious play from our boys’ spring collection. Our Colorblock Bayshore Swim Trunk is designed to meet any young boy’s style sensibilities, while still offering the protection and comfort you’re looking for. We also offer 100% cotton terry cover-ups, made to help them dry off quickly all while being cozy and comfortable. Note that our preppy boys' swim trunks and rash guards will fit with a little wiggle room, as dermatologists recommend loose-fitting clothing for maximum protection.

Sun Protective Clothing for Kids

After you’ve satisfied your family’s needs with swimwear, browse our styles designed to protect your children outside of the pool. Our spring and summer new arrivals are ideal for your child’s outdoor summer excursions, from picnics to parades and more. Their machine-washable capabilities make it easy to incorporate our protective clothing into your normal rotation while also gaining UPF protection. Our classic girl’s Terry Play Shorts and Bailey Beach Pants are two great options!

Make a Splash This Summer in bella bliss

bella bliss cares about your family and creates heirloom-quality pieces that let your children play freely and express themselves with style and elegance. Since we source only the finest fabrics, our children and baby clothes are durable and comfortable. Our timeless clothing allows you to protect your children without creating a situation for them to rebel against. 

For sun-protective kids’ styles and classic baby clothes from a vintage-inspired baby clothing store, shop with us online just in time for summer.

June 21, 2022 — Rachel Brazinski