Hair Accessories

Scalloped Bow Scrunchie -- Pink Camelia
Bliss Printed Headband -- Pink Camelia
Bliss Printed Headband -- Piper Floral
Bliss Printed Headband -- Greyfield Floral
Scalloped Barrette -- Pocketful of Posies
Scalloped Barrette -- Pink Camelia
Scalloped Barrette -- Bitsy Berry
Scalloped Barrette -- Pink Jackie Dot
Scalloped Barrette -- Greyfield Floral
Scalloped Barrette -- Darcy Floral
Wee Ones Bows -- Antique White
Wee Ones Bows -- Cranberry
Bow Scrunchie -- Green Gardens
Bow Scrunchie

$3.99 $12.00

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Bliss Printed Headband -- Harvest Check
Bliss Printed Headband

$4.99 $16.00

all sales final. extra 15% off in cart.

Amanda Headband -- Ivory
Wee Ones Headband -- Red
Wee Ones Headband -- Light Pink
Wee Ones Headband -- Hot Pink
Wee Ones Headband -- Apple
Wee Ones Headband -- Navy
Wee Ones Headband -- Emerald
Wee Ones Headband -- White
Wee Ones Bows -- Light Pink
Wee Ones Bows -- Navy
Wee Ones Bows -- Hot Pink
Wee Ones Bows -- Lilac
Wee Ones Bows -- White
Wee Ones Bows -- Orange
Wee Ones Bows -- Red
Wee Ones Bows -- Apple
Wee Ones Bows -- Coral
Wee Ones Bows -- Emerald
Wee Ones Bows -- Yellow
Bow Scrunchie -- Hot Pink
Bow Scrunchie -- Navy
Bliss Printed Headband -- Rosa Floral
Bow Scrunchie -- Red Seersucker Stripe
Ric Rac Barrette -- Periwinkle Pique with Pink