Bliss Pullover Bib -- Yellow
Bliss Pullover Bib -- Pink
Bliss Hooded Terry Bath Sac -- Blue
Pima Baby Hat -- White
Knit Doll -- Blue Sheep
Knit Doll


Sold Out
Knit Doll -- Pink Sheep
Knit Doll


Sold Out
Knit Dolly with Nightgown -- Hurst MF
Knit Dolly with Nightgown

$21.00 $70.00

Sold Out
Bow Bloomer -- White
Pima Bloomer Set
Embroidered Knee High Socks -- Dragonflies
Embroidered Knee High Socks

$9.60 $24.00

Sold Out
Classic Eyelet Sock
Basic Sock
Knee High Sock
Basic Tights -- Navy
Striped Knit Scarf -- Light Pink/Peony
Striped Knit Scarf

$13.20 $44.00

Sold Out
Embroidered Knee High Socks -- Cloud w/ Hearts
Wee Ones Bows -- Apple
Wee Ones Bows -- White
Wee Ones Bows -- Light Blue
Wee Ones Bows -- Light Pink
Wee Ones Bows -- Hot Pink
Wee Ones Bows -- Lilac
Wee Ones Bows -- Coral
Wee Ones Bows -- Red
Wee Ones Bows -- Orange
Wee Ones Bows -- Emerald
Wee Ones Bows -- Yellow
Wee Ones Bows -- Navy
Elephantito Mary Jane -- Champagne
Laced Sneaker -- Periwinkle
Laced Sneaker


Sold Out
T-Bar Shoe -- Yellow
T-Bar Shoe -- Pink
Selina Scalloped Mary Jane -- Dusty Blue
Cableknit Tights -- White
Cableknit Tights -- Pink
Cableknit Tights -- Red
Basic Tights -- Ivory