bella bliss x Cece Dupraz

Fellow female founded company Cece DuPraz embroiders one of a kind creations,
taking photos of a drawing (or handwritten note), digitizing it and translating it to embroidery. 
The thread colors are selected by the Cece Dupraz team, positioned carefully onto the product, 
and embroidered onto their collection of cotton and canvas classics.
This fall, we're collaborating with Cece DuPraz to bring you a limited-edition pencil monogram, 
the perfect addition to our Colorblock Romper and Dress and zippered pouches - great gifts 
not only for the first day of school, but for teachers and classmates all year round. 
*Please note, the crayon monogram can only be purchased for the following items 
and these items will be shipped directly from the Cece Dupraz warehouse:  
Andrew Colorblock Romper, Janie Colorblock Dress, and Zippered Canvas Pouches.