5 Fun Snow Day Activities for Kids

Snow days are the ultimate free pass for kids to ditch the homework for a day and just have fun! A day at home plus a pristine batch of fluffy snow to play in is any child’s winter wish. Snow days can be less fun for parents who find themselves tasked with keeping their kids occupied while they’re unexpectedly stuck at (or working from) home. To make snow days a little easier on parents and even more fun for kids, we’ve created a list of some unique (and simple) winter activities for your children.

The good news? There are many fun things to do in the snow to keep kids engaged – and off their devices – when they’re home from school. Here are five of our favorite activities for kids to do on snow days. 

Make Sugar on Snow

A beloved childhood tradition for many New Englanders, sugar on snow couldn’t be easier – or more delicious. All you need to make this wintry treat is freshly fallen snow, real maple syrup, and something sweet to top it off (like sprinkles or mini candy canes). Simply send your little ones out to collect some snow, drizzle it with hot maple syrup, and watch it turn into tasty maple taffy.

Don’t have any syrup or not a maple flavor fan? Substitute it for honey or try making vanilla snow ice cream instead!

Have a Snowy Photoshoot

Snowy photos are especially magical and make for great holiday cards. Take advantage of a snow day to stage your own shoot. From action shots of snowball fighting and sledding to a family moment of snow angel making or snowman building, there are near-endless options when it comes to capturing memorable photos. Just be sure to dress for the occasion and to use accurate camera settings to ensure the right exposure.

Don’t have the heart to bundle up and get out in the snow yourself? Challenge your kids to take turns playing photographer and subject. Or, have them put on their most festive winter clothing and coziest jammies to take indoor photos by a fire, instead.

Do a Winter Scavenger Hunt

A snow-covered world feels like an entirely new planet with a host of things to discover. A winter scavenger hunt will transform your kids into fearless neighborhood explorers. Create a checklist of things your little ones can hunt for like fresh animal tracks, icicles, and snowplows. 

To enjoy this activity warmly, be sure everyone is properly dressed in cute and comfy outerwear for kids. We are big fans of a mantra borrowed from our Norwegian friends: “There’s no bad weather, just bad clothes.” 

Host an Indoor Picnic

Who says picnics are just for summertime? A change of scenery can turn a dull meal into a delightful one. Make some finger sandwiches, whip up some hot cocoa, and lay a blanket down by the fireplace.

An indoor picnic is a great way to celebrate a day off with your family while also allowing your children to stay in their comfy pajamas all day long.

Go Snow Painting

Want your kids to work on their creative skills during their day off? Because snow makes the perfect canvas for budding Picassos, snow painting is a fun and unique way for kids to express their artistic visions. Fill a few spray bottles with cold water, add a few drops of food coloring, and send your kids out to paint. While brushes aren’t necessary, they add another level of fun and artistry.

Snow painting is also a learning experience, so your children can still engage their minds and imaginations while home from school. Encourage kids to check out what happens when they spray one primary color on top of another, for an added layer of fun.

These are just a few of the hundreds of snow craft ideas to add to your list this year. To make sure you’re snow day ready, bundle up your little ones in cozy collections from bella bliss! To check out all our high-quality clothing for kids, shop Bella Bliss today.
January 25, 2022 — Web Master